CBS6 takes Thorough Look at Check-in Program Failures

While Carney’s mom was in ‘independent living,’ which is not regulated by the state, Commonwealth Senior Living also operates 23 “assisted living” communities, which are regulated. CBS 6 reporter Melissa Hipolit did some research and found that nearly two-thirds of their facilities only have either a one year or provisional license from the state. That means the state has found enough violations that they feel the need to visit the facility more often than those who did a better job meeting state standards, which are visited every two to three years.

Daily Progress Op/Ed: Independent Living Facilities Need Oversight

Over-regulation is on lawmakers’ radar screens these days — but there’s also such a thing as under-regulation.

And Virginia under-regulates independent living facilities. In fact, it doesn’t regulate them at all.

A dangerous gap exists, and the distressing case of an Albemarle County woman who was forgotten in her room for four days demonstrates the need for action.

McKnight's Senior Living thoroughly covers Diane's Story

"Better recordkeeping and adherence to corporate protocols could have prevented the incident that led to an arbitration decision that a Virginia senior living community pay $900,000 to the estate of a former resident who died four months after not being checked on in her independent living apartment for four days, the resident's daughter told McKnight's Senior Living." 

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