About Diane


Diane stands facing the ocean, enjoying a windy and sunny day at the beach

Diane Franklin was our beloved mother.

She was a role model for her three children, her four grandchildren and all others who knew her as she met the challenges life gave her.

She was compassionate, kind, witty, intelligent, stubborn, passionate and a determined overachiever in all that she did.


She raised three children, mostly as a single mother, and worked full-time as an intelligence analyst for the federal government until she had to retire on disability due to her multiple sclerosis. 

Diane first experienced the symptoms of multiple sclerosis following the birth of her youngest child in 1967, at the age of 26, and was formally diagnosed with the disease in 1977. After her retirement, she continued to maintain an active social life with family and friends.


Despite the progression of the disease, she lived an active and independent life until the incident that took place at Commonwealth Senior Living at Charlottesville. She prided herself on her independence and fought fiercely to maintain it throughout the final 40 years of her life.